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4 Carpet Cleaning Myths You Should Ignore

Everyone has an opinion, and quite often opinions tend to get wrongly considered as a fact. This happens in all aspects of life, and the way people clean their carpets is no different. The problem is that more often than not these myths will be completely false, leaving you no better off than you were before. Here are some of the myths you should ignore:

Your carpet will attract dirt quicker after it’s been cleaned

WRONG! The only reason this would ever happen is if there is residue left in the carpet from detergents. If dirt comes into contact with your carpet in this state then it tends to stick to the residue and make it more difficult to get out. This why professional carpet cleaners will steam clean your carpet to give it a full rinse, then use their equipment to extract any remaining residue.

You should only clean a carpet in the summer

WRONG! If this were true then you would never clean your carpet if you lived in the UK, as the summer tends to be a bit of a myth itself. The most efficient method used by carpet cleaners is steam cleaning, which will involve your carpet getting wet. This is why you should hire a professional who has the equipment and experience to get the job done properly, and have your carpet dry within a few hours.

Cleaning your carpet will make it weaker

WRONG AGAIN! It’s recommended by carpet manufacturers that you should be getting them cleaned every 12-18 months. Not cleaning your carpet is what will make it weaker and reduce its life, so it’s actually a good idea to do the exact opposite of this myth. A number of different things will get in amongst the fibres of your carpet, such as food crumbs, bacteria and insect remains. So to maintain a healthy carpet you should hoover a couple times a week, and have it cleaned professionally every 12-18 months.

Cheaper carpet cleaning machines are just as good

Are you sensing a pattern here? WRONG! The machines used by professional carpet cleaners are high quality and therefore highly expensive. So it’s not the type of thing you can just pick up at the supermarket. Every aspect of these machines is far superior to your every day carpet cleaner. The quality can be seen in its results, by being able to achieve a much deeper clean, and leave behind no residue due to their much quicker drying times.

A myth is a myth for a reason, and quite often is based on hearsay. Before you take anything about carpet cleaning on-board you should seek the advice of a professional. With years of experience and knowledge they’ll be able to help, and surely are to know a lot more than your friend who refuses to have their carpet cleaned.