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Are you someone who needs their carpets cleaned by a professional?

If you ask the majority of people if they need a professional to clean their carpet, or if they have ever done so in the past, the chances are they will say no. These people couldn’t be more wrong, as there are a tonne of reasons why getting a professional to clean your carpets is a good idea, well, maybe not a tonne but a fair few. Here are some of those reasons:


Let’s start off with the biggie shall we? If you have children you will be well aware of the amount of mess they can make. Muddy footprints, spilt food and many other types of stains will occur on a regular basis – all of which will ruin the appearance of your carpet. If you have children and want to maintain a healthy looking carpet, then you’re going to need a professional to clean your carpets.

If you have pets

Much like children, pets can be a nightmare for dragging mud into the house and onto your carpet. Especially if you have cats and dogs that spend a lot of time out in the garden. There is also the issue of them soiling the carpet if they’re not house trained yet, which doesn’t look great on the carpet and it stinks. Another thing to consider is fleas, they can get deep into your carpet and be a nightmare to get out. A professional will be able to take care of this by using a steam cleaner to get rid of all the fleas, as well as any left over eggs.

You have a busy house

If you have a bigger family than most, or if your house is the hang out spot for your children’s friends, then keeping your carpet clean could be a difficult task. The more people that pass through will bring in a massive amount of dirt, and if you don’t get your carpet cleaned properly it will soon build up to the point where it’s impossible to clean.

Some stains just won’t come out

At some point everyone has a stain that is impossible to get rid of. No matter what you try it just won’t go. This normally leads to accepting defeat and covering it up with some furniture. A professional cleaner not only has the high quality equipment to get rid of it, but has the experience to advise you what to do when you tackle future stains.

You love to host a party

If you love to host get-togethers or have friends round often then you don’t want your carpet to look grubby. You will no doubt be cleaning everything else, so why not get your carpet looking just as clean.

The new carpet look

You would be surprised how much life a good clean can put back into your carpet. If your carpet is in good condition, but it’s just a bit grubby then getting a professional to clean it will make it look new again. This is ideal if you’re having new furniture put in and you want the whole room to look fresh.

If you didn’t think you needed a professional to clean your carpets, hopefully you do now. You may be pretty handy with a hoover, but they’re called a professional for a reason. There are so many ways for a carpet to get dirty, sticky, and smelly – you get the point. A professional will clean your carpet thoroughly and get it looking brand new again, which is definitely better than forking out for a new one.