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Six occasions when it is a good time to get your carpets cleaned

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It is not really until you have your carpets cleaned that you realise just how dirty they had become. The truth is, carpets become dirty over time – months and years of spills, stains and general traffic. Because it isn’t an overnight change you just don’t realise, or more often than not, you just accept the situation and do nothing about it. However sometimes carpet cleaning can almost be as good as buying new carpet, so when are good times to get our carpet cleaned?

  1. The most common time is when you look at them and realise that there are just too many stains to accept. Fortunately at Carpet Cleaning 4 You stains are a specialty and the challenge is relished!
  2. When you decide to redecorate a room or change your furniture. Painting the walls is one thing, but preparation creates dust which doesn’t help your carpet, even if you try to cover it over. Often you will clear a room of everything to make painting easier, so what better time to get your carpet cleaned? The room will not only look fresh and clean, it will smell fresh and clean too.
  3. When you decide to sell your home. Yes, this may seem unusual, but to get the best price and to sell your home quickly, you want to present it at its best. If you have pets or have brought up a young family, chances are your carpet will have looked and smelled better. If the house smells clean it will feel clean throughout.
  4. When buying a new home. If you are able to fit in cleaning between the old owners moving out and you moving in, this is a great time to get the carpets cleaned? With no furniture in your new home, cleaning can be thorough and efficient, and cheaper too!
  5. When spring cleaning. At Carpet Cleaning 4 You I try to keep the costs as affordable as possible so that every couple of years you can afford to have me come in and help you spring clean your home, not only cleaning the carpets, but upholstery as well.
  6. If you are a landlord and there is a change of tenants, allowing a couple of days to refresh the property will more often than not prove beneficial. Research shows that tenants are more likely to look after a well maintained, clean and tidy property than a smelly and scruffy one.

This is just a brief number of suggestions, but you more than anyone will know best when your carpets need cleaning. I am a Bristol-based carpet cleaner and I am more than happy to cover a good radius of the city, taking in additional areas including Thornbury, Alveston, Olveston, Rudgeway, Berkeley, Stroud, Almondsbury, Patchway, Bradley Stoke, Yate, Chipping Sodbury, Charfield, Iron Acton, Cromhall, Frampton Cotterell, Stoke Gifford, Winterbourne, Kingswood, Wotton under Edge and surrounding areas of North Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

To find out more and to get an idea of cost, why not ask me out to give you a quote, or call me and I can give you an approximate cost over the phone.